How to install Microsoft office legally


Good morning! Admit it whenever we got a new laptop or desktop, aside from Antivirus the first productivity tools we ought is Microsoft Office. My friends and colleagues asked me the same, like does it have an office application, some of them will use the term “can you install words?” Admit it or not, when it comes to office application software majority will go for Microsoft office.

The first thing to do is go to it will take you to the photos as before. Either you sign in with your existing account, the same as you use with you skype, or Hotmail credentials, or register and create a new one.

office login page

Upon logging in or creating a new account it will ask for the serial key or license of the office application it’s in the box and it is the only content in the box since Microsoft decided to put everything in the cloud. Once done it will automatically down your file.

office_click download

If your using chrome it will show like that, or if you’re using Mozilla Firefox you may see it on the almost top right corner of your screen. Install the file and you should see a similar image like below.

office_installation progress

After the installation is finished, click start and verify.

office_installed apps

Run one of the application and accept the terms and condition and enjoy your new application.

office accepts terms.PNG

Spending a few dollars or amount on a developed software is worthy. It is supported and will update for any bugs or vulnerability against malware and virus, plus you will use it for years to come. If you don’t have the money then choose to install a free office application like

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