The easiest way to connect to an existing Windows domain via Windows 10 Pro


Your the new IT, the previous one went on vacation. One Desktop broke down and Manager asked you to connect the backup desktop to the existing Domain. Fret not follow the step below to get the job done.

The desktop should be connected on the same network and have an active connection.

Open the network and Internet setting on the bottom right corner of the screen, press right click on the network icon.

windows_networksharing center

Click ethernet and click change adapter options.

ethernet adaper settings.PNG

Click the active network connection and choose properties.

network connection properties

Choose TCP/IP click properties and enter the DNS server IP. Once done click ok.

enter domain server

It’s now time to connect on the existing domain. Open my computer, right this PC then properties.

windows properties


Click the windows advance settings.

windows advance settings

Under the computer name tab, click change.

windows_computername_click change

Choose the radio button for Domain and enter the correct domain address.


Enter the correct credentials for the domain server.

credetial windows for admin

If the credentials are correct you may see a confirmation and you have to restart the system.

credential accepted

Reboot the system and once it up, The member or the domain user may now log in and use his credential on the configured system.

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