PlayStation 4 Games for April 2019



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BTX Episode 1 Miracle Revival of X


One of my favorite anime when I was a kid. I used to cut classes just to watch this anime. It is a time when streaming online site for Anime doesn’t exist. Anime way back then was Dubbed in our local language. Now a days Anime is available to be stream online and if you are good at researching you may find lots of old anime to finish what you have started when you were a kid, We all know the feelings of liking a certain anime and then you will be left hanging.

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Megaman 11 Trailer

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MEGAMAN 11 PS4 Trailer Release date 10/2/2018 The long-awaited new release, celebrating 30 years of Mega Man! Featuring everyone’s favorite 2D hero! Mega Man feat.

Block Man’s Powers Defeat bosses to gain their powers and take on new stages! After completing his forbidden research into the Double Gear System, the evil Dr. Wily has turned once-peaceful robots into his destructive henchmen!

However, the story of the Double Gear System is more than it seems. Originally designed to push robots past their limitations, Wily’s device was deemed too dangerous and his research was halted. Recalling the incident years later, Wily completed his device and now seeks vengeance. With nothing but

Dr. Light’s prototype Double Gear, does Mega Man have the strength he needs to bring their feud to an end? video source and credit to : if you enjoy this trailer please like and subscribe

The Proper way to reformat a laptop


At least one time in our life we have bought a new laptop or have been issued a new laptop from our work, as we enjoy the shiny new thing, the speed it processes data, loading of applications.  Until one day we started to feel the sluggishness of the laptop. It is not as fast as it used to be from its early days.

You have also done my recommended system maintenance on my early blog post, still, you are experiencing, either you have been infected by malware way too deep in the system, it slows your laptop down, the browser is not even loading and all your download options were not functioning. Preventing you install tools that may help you clean up your system. Atlas you have no other choice but to reformat your system to start a new. If you have an IT on the office no problem, but what if it is your personal laptop, if you have a friend they can help you but what if they are busy or not available. Then the proper way to install your laptop by your self is to perform a system reset or a factory reset, which is a proper way to reformat your system that will not revoke your Windows license and it will also install all the correct driver for your laptop preventing you to experience like webcam and sound are not working.

Every laptop manufacturer has a different way of accessing the reset function of the system, what I will share below is resetting from windows system.

Click start, then type reset


Click get started.



Choose which option do you prefer erased everything or keep you all your files. If you backed up all your important files, choose to delete all. This reset may take some time but you will be assured that everything will be working fine right out of the box and you will save a few dollars.

Wondering,  what to do after a system reset? visit my earlier post on things to do after windows installation.

Speed up your Window PC without a part upgrade and reformatting.

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Admit it we love windows when it is newly installed, the time when we got a new laptop or set up a shiny new desktop, but along the months we have noticed it is not as fast as it is used to be.

Here is a list of things to do to make it back to its tiptop shape.

1. First things first Windows update, admit it we all have to try to turn off our pc when we press shut down and the monitor suddenly show Windows update in progress. Either we turn off the power or just closed down the lid of the laptop.  The system update will solve some of the bugs that may crash your pc and it also gives an extra layer of protection so just give it some time.


2. When your Operating System is updated the next step to do is clean up some junk. Do a simple disk cleanup. There is some software that you already know that does the cleaning but guess what your windows already have the tools it needs. Press start then type disk clean


A window like below will appear and click on Clean system files.


Disk cleanup application will start calculating you will see a long list so you may scroll down.


On the above images here what mine look likes, you may check them all and click ok, but what are we really need to check are Windows update clean up and Windows upgrade log files and windows created error reporting. Some of you may be shocked that some of this checklist is consuming a space of more than 10GB on your hard drive and your wondering I have 512GB HDD and I only have this space or if you have done the math and you didn’t know where are the missing space.


Over the course of days, months or years, Windows will compile all of its error reports and this will accumulate since we are not a Microsoft engineer and we will rarely ask for technical support from windows agent might as well take back that precious space. System cleanup makes take some time and find some other things to do.

3. Give our windows pc a virtual memory boost. We all know it since the release of Windows 10 the standard memory for a pc should be 4GB Ram, but it still took a lot of memory so this is how to give it a boost and you see will a lot of difference.

Open file explorer right clicks on this pc and click properties then click advanced system settings.

windows properties

cleanup settings performance

For the image below Click the advanced tab and click change.

perfomance options.PNG

Untick the automatically manage paging file, on the custom size put the number of rams you can afford to allocate, this virtual ram will be coming from your hard disk. That’s why we do a system clean up first. Normally 16GB will do depends on the application software your using. Then click set, click ok then restart the pc to take effect.

vram allocation

4. The last step is to clean up for adware, malware that we let loose unknowingly or somehow got inside our system this is where adwcleaner will come in handy. It will scan your system for any unwanted apps, plugin, folders that have any malicious code inside your registry, we leave the technicality to the guys at malwarebytes because it works and you may see it for yourself and in action. This software tools have always been trusted, I’m using this when I got an Annual Maintenance Contract for 40 PC to maintain twice a month and this software have helped me maintain those PC.


This post is related to my first blog post on essential things to do when you got a new pc.

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The easiest way to connect to an existing Windows domain via Windows 10 Pro


Your the new IT, the previous one went on vacation. One Desktop broke down and Manager asked you to connect the backup desktop to the existing Domain. Fret not follow the step below to get the job done.

The desktop should be connected on the same network and have an active connection.

Open the network and Internet setting on the bottom right corner of the screen, press right click on the network icon.

windows_networksharing center

Click ethernet and click change adapter options.

ethernet adaper settings.PNG

Click the active network connection and choose properties.

network connection properties

Choose TCP/IP click properties and enter the DNS server IP. Once done click ok.

enter domain server

It’s now time to connect on the existing domain. Open my computer, right this PC then properties.

windows properties


Click the windows advance settings.

windows advance settings

Under the computer name tab, click change.

windows_computername_click change

Choose the radio button for Domain and enter the correct domain address.


Enter the correct credentials for the domain server.

credetial windows for admin

If the credentials are correct you may see a confirmation and you have to restart the system.

credential accepted

Reboot the system and once it up, The member or the domain user may now log in and use his credential on the configured system.

How to install Microsoft office legally


Good morning! Admit it whenever we got a new laptop or desktop, aside from Antivirus the first productivity tools we ought is Microsoft Office. My friends and colleagues asked me the same, like does it have an office application, some of them will use the term “can you install words?” Admit it or not, when it comes to office application software majority will go for Microsoft office.

The first thing to do is go to it will take you to the photos as before. Either you sign in with your existing account, the same as you use with you skype, or Hotmail credentials, or register and create a new one.

office login page

Upon logging in or creating a new account it will ask for the serial key or license of the office application it’s in the box and it is the only content in the box since Microsoft decided to put everything in the cloud. Once done it will automatically down your file.

office_click download

If your using chrome it will show like that, or if you’re using Mozilla Firefox you may see it on the almost top right corner of your screen. Install the file and you should see a similar image like below.

office_installation progress

After the installation is finished, click start and verify.

office_installed apps

Run one of the application and accept the terms and condition and enjoy your new application.

office accepts terms.PNG

Spending a few dollars or amount on a developed software is worthy. It is supported and will update for any bugs or vulnerability against malware and virus, plus you will use it for years to come. If you don’t have the money then choose to install a free office application like