The Proper way to reformat a laptop


At least one time in our life we have bought a new laptop or have been issued a new laptop from our work, as we enjoy the shiny new thing, the speed it processes data, loading of applications.  Until one day we started to feel the sluggishness of the laptop. It is not as fast as it used to be from its early days.

You have also done my recommended system maintenance on my early blog post, still, you are experiencing, either you have been infected by malware way too deep in the system, it slows your laptop down, the browser is not even loading and all your download options were not functioning. Preventing you install tools that may help you clean up your system. Atlas you have no other choice but to reformat your system to start a new. If you have an IT on the office no problem, but what if it is your personal laptop, if you have a friend they can help you but what if they are busy or not available. Then the proper way to install your laptop by your self is to perform a system reset or a factory reset, which is a proper way to reformat your system that will not revoke your Windows license and it will also install all the correct driver for your laptop preventing you to experience like webcam and sound are not working.

Every laptop manufacturer has a different way of accessing the reset function of the system, what I will share below is resetting from windows system.

Click start, then type reset


Click get started.



Choose which option do you prefer erased everything or keep you all your files. If you backed up all your important files, choose to delete all. This reset may take some time but you will be assured that everything will be working fine right out of the box and you will save a few dollars.

Wondering,  what to do after a system reset? visit my earlier post on things to do after windows installation.