The easiest way to connect to an existing Windows domain via Windows 10 Pro


Your the new IT, the previous one went on vacation. One Desktop broke down and Manager asked you to connect the backup desktop to the existing Domain. Fret not follow the step below to get the job done.

The desktop should be connected on the same network and have an active connection.

Open the network and Internet setting on the bottom right corner of the screen, press right click on the network icon.

windows_networksharing center

Click ethernet and click change adapter options.

ethernet adaper settings.PNG

Click the active network connection and choose properties.

network connection properties

Choose TCP/IP click properties and enter the DNS server IP. Once done click ok.

enter domain server

It’s now time to connect on the existing domain. Open my computer, right this PC then properties.

windows properties


Click the windows advance settings.

windows advance settings

Under the computer name tab, click change.

windows_computername_click change

Choose the radio button for Domain and enter the correct domain address.


Enter the correct credentials for the domain server.

credetial windows for admin

If the credentials are correct you may see a confirmation and you have to restart the system.

credential accepted

Reboot the system and once it up, The member or the domain user may now log in and use his credential on the configured system.

Essential things to do after Windows 10 Installation for beginners


In the office that I am currently working every quarter of the month, new laptops are coming from suppliers waiting to be unboxed. Some come with its own operating system. For cost cutting reason some laptop comes without any OS or comes with a free operating system like Ubuntu Linux or Dos (disk operating system).

You have a new laptop and it comes pre-installed with bloatware software – bloatware is defined as unwanted software installed by a manufacturer on a new computer.

To review your computer list of installed software, go to the control panel. If you’re not familiar with Windows navigation, just simply click start and type control panel, or for the expert, they will use windows+R then type control.

controlpanel remove bloatware

You will see a window just like this and click uninstall program from there you will the list of all installed software. What are the things to check and uninstall Games, pre-installed anti-virus, Manufacturer software are to be considered and solely depend on you if you use this or if you rarely use this or not use at all better uninstall all

See image below of my personal computer list of installed software. Yes, you can use your computer for everyday essentials computing with this minimum software installed. Watching a movie, checking your emails and browsing the web.

liest of installed software

After the removal of the unwanted software, next thing to do is replace the uninstalled Antivirus I would recommend immunet from This an AV develop and maintain by the community and best of all free.

install antivirus - immunet

Once you have secured your new system do a quick windows update this may take time depending on the version of your Windows OS and OS build. Warning this may take a while. It will reboot your system for a few times but this is necessary to make your system secure.

Once your system is up to date now its time to customize your system of course. Different users have different requirements but the list below is always needed.

Productivity tools – Microsoft office or libre office

Browsers – google chrome or mozilla firefox

Compressor – Winrar or 7zip or winzip

Media players – VLC or Divx or KMPlayer and GOM player

Many people can do a lot with their computer with the list of software above and most people use only their browser most of the time.

The next thing to do is disable auto start software for start up this will allow you to use your computer faster upon startup or logging in, instead of waiting for a few minutes.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC , Click more details


click_startup disable_items

Click the startup Tab, then from the list disable the software that you will not use immediately.

The setup above or tips can also apply on a windows system that has been used for some time, because removing unnecessary software that your not using will your computer happy.